Sample reports

The Sample Reports below are examples of actual reports produced by our office with any identifying charicteristics changed to protect our Client's confidentiality.  All reports displayed complied with the  internationally recognised Universal Standard for Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Standard at the time the report was written.  As the USPAP Standard is updated every  2 years, the sample reports  displayed below may not reflect the current compliant format or requirements of the USPAP standard.


Sample Appraisal #1
Airconditioning Systems:                            
Sample Appraisal #2
Large GP. Medical Practice:                   
Sample Appraisal #3
Software Developer
Roofing Restorations
Electrical Wholesaler
Retail Auto Aftermarket Parts
These Sample Reports reflect the state of the market and research into actual sales prices of like business at the time the reports were written.  Capitalisation rates, Market Status, Capital Costs and a myriad of Economic and Risk factors particular to the reported business values presented on this website have changed.  Accordingly, no inference of any kind can be made and is expressly denied in relation to business values gained through review of the sample reports presented on this website or similarities with any business in the current or future market.  The reader accepts that these sample reports are anecdotal only.

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